BFFs enjoying some talk time in the river.
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Enjoying nature naturally, the best way.

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Wet Leaves | Kelsey Dylan
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"a heart of the growing cold"

Once you start to enjoy life naturally, you just want to live it all. Go on. Enjoy your right to be bare. Nature & Nudity…as it should be. Go bare, share & visit the archives.

daniel gonzalez

Nymphs by Foufinha

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Dear Lioness,
This is my first time submitting to you, these past few days were spent with my better half. Seeing as we are in a long distance relationship, any moment spent together is entirely cherished. I have such an infinite amount of love for this boy, he sparks inspiration in me daily, my ultimate source of admiration. I have never felt such kind, genuine, love and friendship in any other being. “The distance between us stays close but not close, far but not too far away.”

I seriously love photos from first time submitters. It’s so awesome to see how they interpret our community here. This photo just pulls at all my heart strings. I can sense the feeling of infinite adoration - thank you for sharing this moment with us.